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Automatic terminal machine instantly why downtime and elimination method

Author:   Time:2016/1/29 11:05:11

Automatic terminal machine why will instantly stop and elimination method, under the condition of the normal operation of automatic terminal machine can occasional instantaneous stop condition. Had normal operation of the machine how can suddenly stop the, just like our computers, in an instant card dead, what is going on here? Zhongshan Huang Ji machinery to tell you:

General outage we will first according to the analysis of automatic terminal machine running performance down to the moment most of the reason may be the result of the compressed air is too low, such failure, we are going to do in the processing, and then set the number of gross, moderate adjustment pressure value, and then restart the machine, see can normal use. Apart from the reason of air pressure, it is also possible that the number of meter automatic terminal machine rated more than the set value, this requires us to set the number of values, and then restart the machine.

Above we summed up the terminal machine moment two major causes of downtime and elimination method, then in daily production operation will certainly have a variety of other conditions, different conditions need different methods to solve it.

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